Exploding lithium batteries cause injuries and death

Sadly, e-bike battery fires have become increasingly more prevalent. This has occurred in proportion to the rising popularity of e-bikes.

Statistics Regarding E-Bike Battery Fires

According to Consumer Reports, there were 104 e-bike or e-scooter fires and four fatalities in 2021 in New York City. By December 2022, the numbers had risen to 202 fires, 142 injuries and six deaths caused by batteries. The deaths include a five-year old and her father’s girlfriend.

In fact, e-bike battery explosions have become a worldwide problem. The London Fire Brigade in 2021 handled more than 70 fires caused by electric bike and electric scooter batteries. China reported that these types of firers had reached 10,000 from 2013 to 2017, resulting in more than 200 deaths.

E-bike Battery Fires

What causes the batteries to explode?

Battery companies should use a clean room to manufacture the battery. The delicate membrane separating the anode and cathode on each battery must be clean. Two to three years later, a bit of dust on a battery can corrode, causing the battery to catch on fire. One cell catching on fire can ignite the cell next to it, and then all the cells catch on fire. Such fires are explosive, shooting the cells outward as far as 60 feet. In addition, the fires are very difficult to put out.

Take precautions with e-bikes and when storing batteries

If you are storing an e-bike battery, ensure you use a fire-proof container. Also store the battery at room temperature and keep it separate from any flammable materials. Once the battery has charged, remove it from the charger so it does not overheat. Overheating can result in a fire. Also, if your battery appears damaged, get rid of it in a safe manner and replace it with a new one.

Who would be liable for injuries?

Under product liability law, courts can hold manufacturers, distributors and sellers accountable for injuries and deaths resulting from faulty products.

Do you need legal help with a personal injury case?

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