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Business owners and other professionals lead very busy lives, whether they pursue careers as lawyers, executives, doctors, entrepreneurs or work in some other professional capacity. Unfortunately, such focused and fast-paced living sometimes leads to emotional stress or physical health challenges. Even so, helpful solutions are always available, and who would not welcome an easier, more enjoyable life?

For this reason, on our Lawyers Success website, we have included articles about wellness. Our purpose is to provide information that professionals may find useful to enhance their lives and restore balance. Our wellness articles range from discussing therapeutic approaches based on changing emotional or mental perspectives to nutritional facts that can lead to greater physical well-being.

We hope this information makes life a little easier and more rewarding.

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NYC Therapist Susan Whedbee

Personalized Care


Susan considers everyone as a unique individual, she believes that there is no single approach that fits all.  The therapeutic relationship is dependent on a safe environment which fosters trust, comfort and ease to explore the underlying issues. Susan draws on her education and experience, so that her treatment approach can be tailored to the needs, goals and the emotional capacity of each individual.

Educational and Professional Experience

Susan Whedbee holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University. After graduate school, she completed a rigorous four-year psychoanalytic program, at the National Institute for the Psychotherapies where she received certification in Psychoanalysis and Comprehensive Psychotherapy. She also holds a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell. Susan has provided psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in the public sector and in her New York City private practice throughout her professional career. Before opening her private practice, her experience included:

  • The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services
  • The Affect Disorder Team at the Payne Whitney Clinic at New York Presbyterian Hospital
  • The Bridge where she treated individuals with chronic mental disabilities, some of which were related to substance abuse


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Alan Cohen

Practicing Psychotherapy for 40 years.

We strive, with every client, to help you identify the ways that you are (or are not) living in the present. We believe that everyone seeks a sense of wholeness, and that this feeling of wholeness is what people associate with being alive or being human. Often, though, people revert to old patterns, stories and structures that interrupt their ability to be present, and accordingly, to feel a sense of wholeness.

MSW, LCSW, ACSW, BCD, LP Washington University in St Louis. Alan’s interest in Gestalt therapy coincides with his 45 years of meditation practice. He studied with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi over the course of four years, before beginning his post graduate training in Gestalt therapy. “I see the two approaches as complementing and supporting each other in their focus on awareness, the present moment, and acceptance of what is, as the basis of moving into the next moment. I am particularly interested in the curative and healing value of one’s own presence.”



Lynn Ingber, M.A., M.F.T.

I have developed an expertise working with individuals who have struggled because of childhood trauma. I can help those survivors navigate a road to recovery. I offer support and understanding when you feel alone and can help give you direction when you are unsure of where to go.

A compassionate and caring therapist can lead the way to a new sense of fulfillment and identity. I also specialize in Bereavement issues and issues faced by the Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse.

Many years of experience have allowed me to develop a plan for those seeking change and personal growth. Life experiences, such as separation, divorce, death of a loved one, differences in the ways we learn, or job stress, can often change the way we see ourselves. We can be left with feelings of loss, sadness, depression and confusion. I offer help to those looking to develop new paths for happiness. This is sometimes difficult and overwhelming.