Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law

IntellectuLaw, where you will find a rare blend of expertise in legal, business, science and technology

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Betty Tufariello’s clients call her “Mt. Sinai’s best kept secret”—and with good reason. Her practice, IntellectuLaw™, represents expertise in the legal, business, science and technology fields. Companies seeking transactional or litigation services find a strategic partner adept at helping them protect and increase their income through the proper use of their intellectual property.

“My approach is different from conventional firms,” explains Tufariello. “I don’t operate against a billable-hours quota. My priority is determining who the client is and where they want to go. From there, I work side-by-side with CEOs and company owners to establish the near-, mid-and long-term business goals we’ll work to meet.”

A Distinct Relationship

Companies that are most successful developing and capitalizing on their intellectual property share a common denominator: a phenomenal, long-standing relationship with their IP attorney. Due to the nature of the work and what’s at stake, it is a unique bond.

“I cannot and will not operate as an outsider. It limits the scope of value creation and hinders my ability to protect the company,” says Tufariello. “My clients are family, and I mean that quite literally. They know I have their backs no matter what type of issue arises.”

Tufariello takes things personally. She scrutinizes fine print, questions motives and is quick to f lare when unfavorable terms come into play. Her resolve brought a client who was eager to close a licensing agreement back from the edge. Before making a concession that devalued his intellectual property, Tufariello urged him to reflect on what went into developing it. With his sign-off, she went head-to-head to secure far better terms.

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A Global Perspective

Tufariello’s business acumen and global alliances enable her to add value across the board. “I have a deep understanding of what companies need to do to succeed and a propensity for finding solutions,” she adds. “Clients quickly realize that I bring more than IP law expertise to the table. Before long, every problem that comes up at the company lands in my lap. If I can handle it, I do. If I cannot, I know who to bring in.”

Fluency in English, Greek,  French and Italian is a mere footnote on Tufariello’s CV. Her background includes studies in chemical and mechanical engineering; prototype formulation; analytical, physical and organic chemistry; and medicine. She began her career in pharmaceuticals, rising through the ranks to become managing director of a QA/QC chemistry laboratory before beginning her life’s work in IP law.

As a master at simplifying the complex, Tufariello summarizes her work: “Patents, trademarks, copyrights and everything that goes with it…and that’s a lot of everything.”