Employment Defense

An employment defense attorney is an invaluable resource for small and mid-sized businesses to help avoid common human resource pitfalls and when they do occur, to resolve a broad range of labor and employment matters such as:

Legal Services beyond Employment Litigation

Beyond dealing with employment litigation, employment defense attorneys extend legal services to all areas of employment law and human resources consulting, including:

  • Negotiation and preparation of employment and severance agreements,
  • Creation and implementation of individualized HR policies and procedures
  • Conducting internal investigations
  • Representing business owners and managers in union-related matters

Preventative Measures to Avoid Employment Lawsuits

A particular benefit employers derive from a skilled employment defense lawyer is human resources counseling to guide you in minimizing risk and avoiding common employee disputes.

If you are an employer who is facing a current problem, an experienced attorney can take immediate steps to resolve the issue quickly through negotiations or alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration or mediation. However, when necessary to protect your legal rights and financial health of your business, you can rely on your attorney to take your employment-related case to New York State or Federal court to meet your objective.
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Whether your business is involved in an employment lawsuit labor dispute or an employment-related government agency investigation, the expertise of an employment law attorney can determine the right avenue to positive resolution of your matter and guide you in forestalling future problems.

Find a trusted New York employment defense attorney, arrange a consultation and get legal advice to address your employment issues facing your business enterprise.