Legal Practice Management Software for Small Law Firms

Firms using LEAP make more money

Focusing on Legal Software for Small Law Firms

Since 1992, law firms have relied on LEAP  for innovative and powerful software to simplify workflow, provide better quality service, make more money and make the practice of law more enjoyable.

Today, LEAP is the world’s largest provider of legal practice management software for small firms with clients across the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

With our emphasis on helping small law firms, we focus on the areas of most common those firms, such as real estate, family law, wills and estates, commercial law and litigation.

Research & Development to Ensure the Best Legal Software for Your Firm

As business conditions and technology advancements changing constantly, LEAP invests more than $6 million a year in research and development to ensure we are able to provide the best legal software for our clients. Our investment includes our cloud technology, which provides practices with complete mobility and the ability to access the same information from multiple devices.

Legal Software Designed for Small Firm Practice Management

LEAP provides everything you need to run a small law firm.

The pre-configured Matter Types in the areas of law common for solo and small firms include all the information fields needed to run matters, including rapid and accurate document production so you don’t need to spend months customizing the system.

Manage Your Practice With One Software Program 

With LEAP, you will also have an integrated document management system, time recording, billing and trust accounting in a single, elegant product.

• One system – easy to use and fully integrated
• Mobility – work anywhere, any time
• No servers – simplify your IT, lower your support costs
• Automated forms

Introducing LEAP 365 – The latest innovation from LEAP Legal Software

When a law firm uses LEAP 365, anyone in the firm can access up-to-date, client, accounting and matter information from any device they have on them, from any location. Our ground-breaking technology provides small law firms with a plethora of extra benefits not available ever before.

LEAP 365
With LEAP 365:

  • Work is no longer a place, it is an activity. Lawyers can now capitalize on previously wasted hours out of the office by working on the go.
  • No matter what device a lawyer chooses to work from, PC, mobile phone, tablet or laptop, he will see the SAME information. Data syncs in REAL TIME, enabling instant access to the most updated information.
  • Because up-to-date information is literally at a user’s fingers tips, g LEAP 365 can significantly increase the quality of service firms can provide for clients. Lawyers can now respond to clients instantly — no need to wait until they get back to the office. Rapid response time builds trust, encourages repeat business, provides a competitive advantage and helps law firms grow.
  • LEAP 365 speeds up communication and collaboration within a firm improving organizational efficiency and allowing law firms to accomplish more work and make more money!

LEAP 365 Revolutionizes Legal Practice Management

Find out how LEAP 365 software is revolutionizing legal practice management and changing how law firms work. Get more information on LEAP legal software today.

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Legal Practice Managment Software for Small Firms

Customer Feedback Translates to Practical Legal Software

Feedback from the law firms that use LEAP legal software helps us to continue to improve our legal software, making our product a remarkably practical and user-friendly solution for solo or small law firms.

What Our Customers Say

The fact that my billing has increased by 30% because the system facilitates capturing every service provided for the client, makes the investment well worth the money.” – Cassandra T. Savoy PC

LEAP allows us the flexibility to practice in our own separate and distinct legal areas while also maintaining a single source for billing and accounting.” – De Bruin Law Firm LLC

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