Let’s get the word out for Madison, she needs a Kidney!

Madison needs a KidneyWe live in very troubling times where Covid-19 has taken control of our everyday lives. All we can do is be positive and know in the near future we will have a vaccine. In the meantime, although this blog is for attorneys, we also have compassion and a following that we need to desperately get the word out for a wonderful teenager that desperately needs a Kidney!

UPDATE: July 15, 2020: Madison still needs a kidney. If you saw another update that she received a transplant, that was true but tragically that kidney failed, and she is back on dialysis and needs a kidney. Please, please continue to share this and just maybe a miracle will happen.

My niece is Madison. One day a strong, healthy teenager; high school cheerleader, a life guard. Suddenly struck down with complete irreversible kidney failure. She needs a kidney. Now. I beg you to share this and be a link in a chain that we hope will lead to a miracle. A donor. Please help me make this go viral and maybe, just maybe, it will reach someone willing to be tested. There is no cost and it can be done anywhere. My name is Joan S. Arbiter and I am from Long Island, NY. Email me at [email protected]. I will put you in touch with the transplant team. We post and share so many things on social media that really don’t matter. Please post and share something that does. This really is a matter of life and death. You could be the one that makes a difference. Please don’t break this miracle chain.

Blood type A or O needed. Email me at [email protected] with any questions.

Let’s all look inside ourselves and our network of friends and see if we can help Madison Now!