How to Keep Your Child Safe on the Way to School

School safety walking to school is something every parent should address with their children. While many children take a school bus, others are within walking distance and walk every day.

Guidelines for safety when walking to school

Digital device use puts kids at risk, especially teenagers, who are more likely to be using devices. It is crucial to have children to take off headphones and put their phones and other devices away when crossing the street.

One of the first steps for safety is to choose the safest route for your child to walk to school. The New York Department of Transportation (DOT) has school safety maps you can use to plan your child’s school route.

The following are a number of guidelines to follow when you have children walking to school:

  • Train your children to look left, right and left again before they cross the street. They should continue to keep an eye out for cars until they reach the other side of the road.
  • An adult should supervise children between the ages of 5 to 9 when they cross the street.
  • Have children walk on sidewalks, cross at street corners and obey traffic signals.
  • Children should learn to make eye contact with drivers of stopped vehicles to ensure they see them crossing the street.
  • Adults should set good examples for children by not using digital devices when crossing streets, by looking before crossing, etc. Children learn through the examples that adults set.

Was your child hit by a vehicle while walking to school?

Despite following safety guidelines, children walking to school can be victims of pedestrian accidents. Drivers who are careless, speeding or distracted often cause accidents. If your child suffered serious injuries or died in a pedestrian accident, consult with a lawyer.

It is vital to hold responsible parties accountable. Also, receiving compensation for damages can help offset medical and other expenses. We offer a free consultation to answer questions and explain your legal rights.