Are You Planning for Your Future?

webperseverance marketing Web marketing—when was the last time you thought about it? Today, due to the coronavirus (COVID 19), many of us sit in our homes, isolated from work colleagues, friends and in some cases even family members. Consequently, we have more time to think, and how we spend that time thinking can influence our future.

Even though we’re hunkering down, waiting for COVID 19 to eventually blow over, it doesn’t mean that our down time has to be unproductive. Where would you like your business to be a year from now? Two years from now? Or five years from now? When you’re caught up in the daily minutiae of managing your business, you often feel too busy to plan ahead or even think about marketing.

As physical locations are shutting down, do you know what’s busier than ever? The Internet. Mobile devices were already integral to how many people live. Texting, checking emails, visiting websites or Facebook, tweeting or whatever digital way people connect has become a way of life. The web hasn’t shut down. In fact, if anything, it’s more in use than ever because people have more time on their hands.

Take advantage of the present to create some goals, to plan web marketing and see yourself flourishing.

But…oh…you think, as the world slows down, how can you even think about web marketing? The truth is: how can you afford not to?

The Science of Mental Contagion

Here’s something important to understand, and how you decide to use this information can affect your future.

Jamil Zaki, an associate Stanford University psychology professor wrote an interesting article, called “Kindness Contagion.” He and his colleagues conducted a study to see whether kindness was “contagious.” In other words, if people see other people being kind, is it catchy? When people who were part of their group saw other people being empathetic, did they also want to be empathetic? The study showed they did. In fact, the article said, “Witnessing kindness causes it to spread like a virus.”

Of course, the reverse was also true. When surrounded by hostile, antagonistic and exclusionary people, people also tended to be that way themselves.

In Zaki’s book The War for Kindness, his studies reveal that empathy is not a genetic trait. It is environmentally affected and is a character trait that can be fostered through effort.

The point is this: what you witness is catchy. The people singing from balconies in Italy and the people flash mob dancing in Boston (at a social distance) are creating experiences that could catch on. It’s a step up from massive fear about getting sick, don’t you think?

Now, what does this have to do with web marketing or your future? You are the one who makes the decisions. What do you want to catch, an up slide or a downslide? You can use this time to think and plan productively. Envision being prosperous a year from now. What would it take to bring that vision to fruition?

Think about Web Marketing Your Business

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