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Reopening Your Business During COVID-19?

How to Boost Business with Online Marketing

Internet Marketing during Covid-19Reopening a business during COVID-19 presents challenges for small and large businesses alike. Many businesses have lost revenue during this time. Owners want to reopen, and yet fears of the pandemic still linger. Therefore, for many business owners, taking a gradual approach seems like the best idea. While people are working out how to do business face-to-face, many have benefited by boosting their online presence. The trend of relying on digital communication has been increasing for years, but never has it been more important than during these uncertain times.

A Forbes magazine article discussed how businesses would be “more reliant than ever on their digital strategy…in many cases it will be the deciding factor whether they make it through the tough times ahead.”

Live conferences, trade shows, exhibitions and events are still on hold. Meanwhile, business owners who were used to doing business face-to-face have resorted to other alternatives.

Is Your Website Not Getting Traffic?

If your site isn’t getting traffic, our web experts can help. For websites to do well, it takes a combination of factors. You should have an attractive user-friendly website, effective SEO and use online marketing strategies. Fresh online content can help you place well with the search engines and build credibility with potential clients or customers. To engage viewers, you need to target the right audiences. And, your web content should have value and be organically written. It should also address the questions and problems online viewers are concerned about, in addition to offering workable solutions.

What about SEO? That’s where our SEO specialist comes in. You need to know what the latest search trends are. Our professionals can write articles incorporating the most frequently searched keywords to help viewers find your website.

Think about Improving Your Online Presence

For more than the past decade, clients have trusted Web Perseverance with their online marketing needs. We are glad to discuss how we can help you promote your business. Contact a NY Internet marketing specialist today.

Three New Websites Built by Web Perseverance

Expanding Businesses Through Websites

WebPerseveranceRecently, we created new websites for three of our clients. During this time of Covid-19, the Internet has remained alive and well. In fact, the Internet has been a lifesaver for many businesses, providing a means to continue meeting and working with clients and other businesses. Companies, sole proprietors and non-profits from all walks of life are doing videoconferences through Zoom, Team Builder and other user-friendly interfaces. They are also connecting with other coworkers, members, potential clients and customers through digital communication, social media and their websites.


At Web Perseverance, we take pride in customizing our web development to meet your specific needs. We build websites of any size and create designs that fit our clients’ personal tastes, preferences and budgets.

Three New Websites of Different Sizes

Computers Made Simple.

We created a one page website for Mike Reinitz, or “Computer Mike” as his clients like to call him. He does most of his computer repair work remotely, whether helping clients with slow computer issues, WiFi, networking, installations, backups or printer issues. He has been working in the computer field for more than 20 years and began his computer career with IBM in 1999. He helps local clients on Long Island and businesses in New York City. However, most computer problems can be dealt with remotely, enabling him to assist clients statewide and throughout the United States. Mike wanted a clean looking, attention grabbing website with movement. We create a website with a modern, streamlined appearance and he was very pleased with the outcome.

Sean Walter, P.C.

Sean Walter is a Long Island, New York lawyer, who has been practicing law for more than 20 years. He focuses his practice in commercial and real estate development, real estate transactions, elder law, estate planning and trust services, farmland preservation, municipal law, land use, zoning and planning, and probate and estate administration and litigation. He served as Deputy Riverhead Town Attorney and during his tenure was appointed as the Farmland and Open Space Manager. He also served for a number of years as Riverhead Town Supervisor. Sean wanted a clean, classic looking website featuring a Long Island farmland landscape on the home page. We were able to meet his expectations and provided him with the specific look and feel he wanted.

Buchanan Law.

Deena Buchanan is a New Mexico attorney who focuses her practice in business law, estate planning, employment law, personal injury and medical malpractice. From her law office in Albuquerque, she represents clients throughout New Mexico. She has also established a partnership with William Cafaro, a New York lawyer based in New York City, who also handles cases in employment law, personal injury and medical malpractice. We built a large website for Deena with numerous practice areas pages. She loves the Southwest terrain, hikes and skis with her family and also brings her camera to capture scenic views. The Southwest atmosphere we created in her web design portrays stunning New Mexico landscapes.

Thinking About a Website?

Whether you want to make your presence known on the web by building a first time website or want to give your existing website a makeover, we’re glad to discuss how we can help. We’re highly skilled in Internet marketing and can also help you market your business online. Contact Web Perseverance today.

Web Marketing: Take Advantage of the Present COVID 19 Shutdown

Are You Planning for Your Future?

webperseverance marketing Web marketing—when was the last time you thought about it? Today, due to the coronavirus (COVID 19), many of us sit in our homes, isolated from work colleagues, friends and in some cases even family members. Consequently, we have more time to think, and how we spend that time thinking can influence our future.

Even though we’re hunkering down, waiting for COVID 19 to eventually blow over, it doesn’t mean that our down time has to be unproductive. Where would you like your business to be a year from now? Two years from now? Or five years from now? When you’re caught up in the daily minutiae of managing your business, you often feel too busy to plan ahead or even think about marketing.

As physical locations are shutting down, do you know what’s busier than ever? The Internet. Mobile devices were already integral to how many people live. Texting, checking emails, visiting websites or Facebook, tweeting or whatever digital way people connect has become a way of life. The web hasn’t shut down. In fact, if anything, it’s more in use than ever because people have more time on their hands.

Take advantage of the present to create some goals, to plan web marketing and see yourself flourishing.

But…oh…you think, as the world slows down, how can you even think about web marketing? The truth is: how can you afford not to?

The Science of Mental Contagion

Here’s something important to understand, and how you decide to use this information can affect your future.

Jamil Zaki, an associate Stanford University psychology professor wrote an interesting article, called “Kindness Contagion.” He and his colleagues conducted a study to see whether kindness was “contagious.” In other words, if people see other people being kind, is it catchy? When people who were part of their group saw other people being empathetic, did they also want to be empathetic? The study showed they did. In fact, the article said, “Witnessing kindness causes it to spread like a virus.” (more…)

Internet Ethics and Deceptive Practices

Selling Links from High Profile Websites and Other Unethical Practices

EthicsInternet ethics is coming into the media spotlight as an increasing number of deceptive practices have arisen. There’s no question that the Internet is a new frontier. Just as the Old West had gunslingers and lawless characters, you find the same thing happening today with the worldwide web.

One of the most recent scams is selling links from high profile websites to boost SEO value for a customer’s website.

BuzzFeed News recently published an article about underground marketers selling high profile links. In fact, the article gave some shocking examples.

Patricia Disney’s Memorial Site

A former Walt Disney executive, Roy Disney, had a first wife named Patricia who passed away in 2012. In recognition of her philanthropic activities, her memorial site at enabled viewers to make charity donations in memory of her. While the domain still exists, Patty’s memorial page is gone. In fact, after her family quit paying for the domain name, unscrupulous marketers bought the domain and sold it. The domain now forwards to where you see a cannabis site promoting its products.

The same thing has happened with other prominent links from Forbes, The New York Times, The Guardian, CNN, BBC and well-known news media sites.

Using a former site’s domain in this way is an example of black hat SEO.


What Is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a coined word that describes unethical SEO practices. More specifically, a developer or web marketing company engages in practices that violate search engine guidelines. They do so with the purpose of boosting SEO rankings.

The article also gave an example of an unethical web practice that created fake websites or wrote false content to cover up a client’s criminal background. A company did this for Adrian Rubin, a convicted payday loan scammer. They used his name and created numerous fake online personalities to help him hide his criminal conviction online.

This, however, is not the same tactic as redirecting links.

An even more nefarious practice, designed to ruin a web company’s marketing is redirecting the domain to a web page containing malware. Malware is software designed to harm or access a computer system without the owner’s permission. When web viewers arrive at the page and see Google’s malware warning notice, they can’t click away fast enough.

A specific malware example is unauthorized use of keylogger software. Keylogger is spyware that captures the computer user’s keystrokes. Installing a keylogger without the user’s knowledge or consent is illegal. Even worse, criminals can use a keylogger to capture logins and steal the person’s identity.

White Hat SEO

It’s our firm policy at Web Perseverance to educate and warn clients against black hat SEO and help them understand its opposite — what white hat SEO is. White hat SEO is a term that refers to SEO practices, which are in compliance with search engine rules and policies. We can help you attract website visitors through white hat, or standard SEO, web design and development practices. We can also effectively market your site by writing engaging web content.

Web Perseverance is a web marketing company. We help businesses create strategic and productive marketing on the Internet

Using Negative Space in Web Design

Directing the Website Viewer’s Attention

Negative space refers to the space surrounding the main subject/object in an image, picture or photograph. Artists have long known that negative space can make the subject stand out or get lost.

On the other hand, positive space refers to the space the subject/object occupies.

Achieving a balance between positive and negative space that is aesthetically pleasing is what graphic designers and artists typically aim for. Also, when marketing your product, there are main images and text that you want as the main focus. They should grab most of your viewer’s attention.

Positive Space to the Extreme

Some puzzles, such as the game “Where’s Waldo?” are great examples of positive space taken to the extreme. Below is an example where you can see how the items the girl is trying to find have gotten lost in the pile of objects occupying the positive space.

Negative Space

How Negative Space Can Create a Dramatic Effect that Draws Attention

In contrast, putting a solid dark background around the subject/object can make the object stand out and completely engage the viewer’s attention.

Here’s an example:

How Negative Space Can Create a Dramatic Effect that Draws Attention

You can almost taste the chocolate and ice cream melting in your mouth.

Variation Can Break Up a Sea of Text

Have you ever opened up a website that was a sea of text? Paragraphs and paragraphs of text or long paragraphs with little to no variation are what we’re referring to here. The amount of text is overwhelming and sends viewers clicking away to other websites.

Through the use of different paragraph sizes, subheads, bullet points and varying fonts, interspaced with images and empty space you can transform a boring sea of text. The page can evoke emotions in the viewer that they will associate with the product.

Colors can also add variety that makes a design element stand out. The call to action “Contact Us” button created in a different accent color creates a contrast with other elements on the page and can jump out at the viewer.

How Cramming in a Few More Messages Can Ruin the Layout and Focus

All too often, clients want to cram in one more money making message. They see “wasted” space and want to be sure all of it is used. Unfortunately, when a boatload of messages hit a viewer all at once, viewers feel bombarded. They typically click away without grasping any of the messages. Hence the saying: “Sometimes less is more.”

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What website is in your world of imagination?

Web Perseverance is a web marketing company. We help businesses create strategic and productive marketing on the Internet.