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Adapting Business Marketing to the Times

Remolding Your Business Based on Consumers’ Needs

Adapting Business Marketing to the Times

Adapting business marketing to fit the current pandemic situation has been on the minds of business owners all over the country. For decades, the businesses that have adapted have been the ones that survived. And by adapting, they’ve found a way to meet the public’s needs.

With many people still curtailing shopping ventures or exclusively shopping online, digital marketing has become a pivotal marketing channel for businesses. If you want to increase your revenue, let digital marketing help you do that.

What Are Some Ways for Adapting Business Marketing?

For one thing, consumers appreciate transparency. By transparency, we mean businesses should provide information about organizational changes they’ve made. All businesses have gone through changes during COVID-19. Examples include the following:

  • Days of operation
  • Business hours
  • Company policies on face coverings
  • Social distancing policies
  • Arrangements made to allow better social distancing
  • Actions being taken to keep areas sanitized

We live in uncertain times. Potential customers and clients value businesses that share information. When people search and find your business on their smart phone, be sure you make your operations information available. This is one way of adapting business marketing for your potential customers or clients.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a powerful marketing tool. What is it? As the name suggests, it is information that consumers provide about your products or services. UGC may come in the form of customer reviews or comments about your brand on Facebook or some other social media platform. According to, 90% of customers or clients rely on user-generated content when making purchasing decisions. Reviews, videos and images with customers or clients advocating your product or service speak for themselves. They effectively promote your brand.

Google Review Attributes

To make reviewing a business easier for users, Google has added review attributes. Google asks, “What do you like about this place?” and provides a list of attributes. For example, positive attributes could include: professionalism, quality, responsiveness and value. The attributes also give reviewers ideas about what to say in the review, such as: “The company stays in touch and makes sure I’m happy with the service.” Google review attributes allow businesses to receive structured feedback that can help them improve their promotion.

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At Get Business Marketing, we’re always looking for ways to help our clients make their businesses more successful. As far as we’re concerned, there’s no better news than hearing our clients are getting a lot of business.

Step by Step Website Building

Step by Step Website Building

Boosting Your Business

Although many businesses have reopened, we’re still in uncharted territory while we cope and do business during the current pandemic. Now more so than ever before, people are plugged into the digital domain.

As of April 2020, statistics showed there were 4.57 billion Internet users worldwide, which is approximately 59 percent of the world’s population. Online traffic increased by 10.2 percent in June 2020 compared with January and Feb 2020. Online transactions jumped 32.9 percent (Statistics from

Even when shopping locally or finding a business to meet their needs, people search online. The importance of an online presence has never been as pressing as it is today.

Step by Step, Building your Website

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and that holds true for your website. Building websites is a step by step process, and our Get Business Marketing web development and marketing team can help you with building a site.

What are the steps involved?

Let’s keep it simple. No fancy technical jargon. We’ll explain the process to you in easy to follow terms. The following are the bare bones, basic steps involved with building a website:

  • Deciding the main purpose of your website [to drive business for your product or service, to create an online presence for developing your brand, to provide information (for example news about your industry or educational info) to offer entertainment, etc.]
  • Creating a web design to convey the right image. Read More

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At Get Business Marketing, we make clients our priority and work hard to fulfill their marketing needs. Contact a NY web marketing specialist today.